Military fantasy cartoon - by Justin

Because I can never keep my hands away from my cock when I'm drawing, finishing a single work can take a long time; which is one of the reasons that until now I only tried doing a full cartoon story once. It was done quite a while ago, but I still like the result, and think the soldierboy turned out quite cute.

So sweet, so horny

Masturbation toy

When you feel like it but there's nobody around to do it with, the old left or right usually work out fine too. But a bit of a change once in a while is nice, so I bought myself what's probably the most widely touted male sex toy, the Fleshlight. You can read all about it in this article that I borrowed from my fiend at the Ministry of Pleasure, who was similarly preoccupied as I was at about the same time...

Believe me, this thing is fantastic. I've got one with a tiny butthole and a ribbed inside. Feels almost like the real thing. Here are a few shots of me playing with the new acquisition.

Abusing straight boys...

Now here's a nice dream: pick up a cute straight boy somewhere, lure him to your den, get him tied up and undressed, and have a go at him in any way you like for as long as you like. This is the premisse of Straighthell, a site that provides videos of (no doubt so-called) straight boys receiving some serious abuse from a sinewy, hairy skinhead and his equally sexy cronies. Check it out if you're a lover of BDSM; there is some really serious whipping and buttslapping going on in their videos, as well as all manner of anal insertions, and the 'victims' are often deliciously vocal. Last night I blew a load simply watching it, not even touching myself...! A few screencaps to whet your appetite.

Makoto Kai

I am intrigued by this stylish, sci-fi-sex drawing. Hadn't heard of this artist before, but surely hope to see more by him.

Subway romp

It's been a quiet week for Pencilmen, so time to perk things up a bit. In my mailbox I found this excellent offering by Blade. I love his organic, lively style of drawing; moreover, his men are handsome and his cocks... yummy.


A taste of the sweetest spot

Okay, so here it is: the thing I love to do more than any other when I'm with a guy...

Cum fountain

Sexy, slim bod, beautiful shaved cock, fabulous cumload... had to share this one. Click on the pic to go to the Xtube video.

Tent by Kent... and more

The other color pic by Joe Phillips; the b&w one by one 'Anos Nemos' - thanks to Ad (see comments) for identifying that one.

Works - 8: A forced drink

About time to put some of my own work on again. This one, believe it or not, was inspired by the cover of some kind of Jehova's Witness religious tract. It featured three scantily dressed and well-muscled demons pouring molten lead into the mouth of an equally sexy, semi-nude sinner. I saw the potential right away, and turned the action into something rather more pleasant for all involved (though the improvement may be somewhat relative for the victim, depending on his tastes...). I would have like to post the original alongside, but I seem to have lost it.

Sexy men

It's hard to believe how beautiful men can be. And those legs on the bottom one... what can one say?


A while ago I made a desktop to fit my horny moods. It's made for a 1680x1050 screen resolution, and comes in two varieties: with and without cumsplash. If you like it, use it, and think of Pencilmen...

Tasting meat

Blowjobs... the blue-eyed kid makes my heart as well as other body parts throb.

More sexy boys

Going through my archives...

Steamy art

Two orgies, by Stephen and Fillion; and a bondage piece by Matt.