Happy birthday

Finally came round to doing another drawing. My fantasy is that this boy is getting a very special gift from his dad and a loving uncle for his 18th birthday...


How about this hot man... Met him in the Agaymen chatroom and really, really need him to fuck me!

Suck and rim

A taste of cock and ass - Denis's ass!


Blu Kennedy

Man, I love redheads, and I just wish I could rub my nose in that fiery bush of his...!!

Art by Jacob

Nice & sexy cartoons, I like the Disney-hero looks...

Wet, wet, wet

Some more of those cumcrazy boys from In Bed with my Pal #2.

More Matthew Cameron

Who could ever get enough of him...?

Kurt Wild

Must have seen him in several videos, but fell in love, or rather, in heat with him in Copperhead Canyon, where he plays a student who's caught wanking by the teacher he has a crush on. A terrific fuckscene ensues, with the bulky, muscular teacher eventually impaling Kurt's pale, slim boybody, his lean hairy legs way up in the air, and both of them cumming three times in the course of a single scene. I don't know if these were separate takes, but it sure looks scorchingly convincing!

Sean - One BC

OK, so Sean may not be the most accomplished draughtsman - but he sure is determined and inspired, and I really love the rough, brutal style of this series.