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Some sexy cartoons by an artist called Hawa. Love his style!

Twincest fuckfest

All the best wishes for a terrific, cum-drenched 2010 to all you Pencilmen frequenters! I have to say the year is off to a spectacular start, pornwise. Now that even pissing has gone mainstream studios need to find new delights to get through to those porn-dazed brains of ours and keep our cocks standing to attention, and they've finally hit on the twin brother theme big time. It's been a while since the Bartok twins shoved their hungry dicks up their brother's back passage, but now two videos have cum out where other twin brothers go all the way. We've seen Elijah and Milo Peters here before, but now they fucked on camera; and meet Adam and Konrad Richter, who do the same!

It's tempting to make comparisons between the vids, which are pretty different. I wouldn't dream of critizing any of these boys; as far as I'm concerned, any man getting his kit off and doing it all on camera just to please perverted horny buggers like me is my hero. Anyway, preferences will be a matter of taste. Frankly, neither pair of twins have particularly handsome faces, though there is something cute and boyish about the Richter kids. Those two also sport slender, boyish bodies, while the Peters couple are spectacularly well-muscled (and have bigger, thicker cocks). The action is rather more vigorous with these latter two too - they are obviously having a great time, the bottoming brother (i.e., both, they flip-flop) stays rock-hard throughout, and all the fucking is bareback and pretty fanatical - it's not difficult to believe they're doing this at home all the time. The Richter boys are clearly less experienced, cocks tend to go soft, they use condoms, and sometimes there are questioning looks towards the camera. But in the end they shoot delicious loads, and have them eaten too. In fact both pairs love the taste of their brother's cum and ass, and me - I just love all four of them and wish I could have them over for a sweet fivesome. (And hey, you Lautrec boys, now it's your turn!)

The five screenshots below are linked to large screencap files, just click to download (click the image in the PictureDumper window that will open to get the full size).

The Peters brothers:

Click for screencap sequence 1: getting startedClick for screencap sequence 2: cummingAnd the Richter twins:

Double Czech 2009 - William Higgins. Click for screencap sequence 1Click for screencap sequence 2Click for screencap sequence 3