Pulling their meat

New Justin

Hmmm, that's a bit presumptious, to put my own work so near to that of one of the greats. Still, I did finish another drawing yesterday. I made it for a shota forum, which means that these two brutes are having some fun with a boy maybe not quite 18...; which means, also, that I can't post the full pic here, due to Blogger's TOS. But if you're interested and such drawings are legal where you are (they are where I am), just let me know.

Mail me if you want it

Loads of new Josman

I found a whole lot of new drawings by that great gay cartoonist, Josman. Good to know that the master is still active, even if maybe some of the newer work is not quite up to the steamy standard of inspiration of MWARS...

Plugged, fisted and pissed

Get a bunch of perverted Czech boys together, and some very wet fun is guaranteed. Especially if the evil-sexy Tom Zanka is involved, having a go at the hungry ass of a sweet, hairy-legged boytoy, and encouraging his mates to do the same... Click the pic for more.

Deviant Boyz - Sex Boy Toy. Click the pic for full sequence.

Ben gets a good ramming

Finished another drawing tonight. Obviously, I was in the dad/son mood, and dad invited a few friends... I had a lot of fun making it, and hope you enjoy it.

Click here for full pic

Double barrelled

I really think DP tops my list of favorite hot action. Especially when we get a long, merciless, steamy, creamy session like this one, ending in a classic beauty of a cum shot. Note the sexy balls of the fucker lying on his back.

Click the pic for an action sequence; don't forget to click inside the Picturedumper window for a full size view.

Eurocreme - Raw Heights

Russian rammer

A new discovery this week, this amazing Russian with a 10+ inch cock. His name is Igor, and he seems to be the gay counterpart to the str8 TT Boy: not quite handsome but brutally sexy, with a hot body (love those hairy legs!) and an amazing fucktool, always rockhard. Just like TT Boy, once fucking he turns into a kind of mad battering ram, pumping away without mercy. I've seen several of his videos where the bottom has to ask him to stop or take it more easy - which he does for, duh, five seconds or so. Another thing I love, he often shoots inside his fuckbuddy... Click on the image for more (click the Picturedumper image that opens for full size).

Click the pic for more!

Sperm action


The insatiable Ryan Raz gets himself coated with cream...

Big black in tiny white

Tiny, skinny twink Tim is hungry for big black cock - and he gets what he wants!

Flaming passion

Gotta love those redheads... This one's called James Jameson, and I just wish he would ram his hot poker straight up my ass, right up to that flaming red bush...!