Works - Getting hammered

Here's another one of my own drawings. An early Photoshop attempt that didn't quite turn out as I wanted, but I still like the overall effect. This one started with the fantasy of a guy literally hammering a big dildo into another man's hole. For me, drawing is all about creating scenes you are not likely to see often (or at all) in real life or movies - though some fanatics might want to give this a try... ;-)

Hot men

Just some good hard fucks

More video fun - piss boys

Another find I really enjoyed was this Eurospunk video called "Nasty piss boys". I know this stuff isn't everybody's cup of tea (pee...?), but while personally I draw the line at scat, I find that pissplay can really turn me on. I've also noticed that a lot more guys are into it than you might think, and did a little experimentation now and then that I really enjoyed. Good piss videos are harder to find it seems, but this one is great. As I move towards forty I suppose I'm entering daddy mode, in any case I get turned on more and more by these skinny young boys with cocks that look like a third leg. Apart from pissing this video has some good butt-slapping, bareback fucking and cum-eating.

Video fun - Bradly & more

Woke up with a throbbing boner this morning, so after playing with it for a bit I went to my PC to enjoy the harvest of Bradly videos I downloaded overnight. Bradly is the incredibly cute guy in my 3/15 post; it took a while to figure out who he was, but it turns out he's a Randy Blue model. Advertised as a str8 boy who's doing his first gay experimentation. That's probably just nonsense, though in all vids I could find of him he only jerks himself and other guys off; in one he gets a blowjob. No doubt RB will get him to suck cock and fuck ass one of these days...

So here is sweet little Bradly:

And here are some action shots taken from RB's Circle Jerk #3...

Other hot stuff was hauled in by eMule too. The internet is just such an inexhaustible source of hard mansex, it's fantastic! I liked this other RB circle jerk very much, where each of the guys works his own hole with a dildo. Very hot!

Handsome sucker


Such a pity that in real life most of those sporting boys are so straight and so boring - 'cause, fuck, they're sexy! (Ignore the scary anorexia in the background)

Pirate - by Franze & Andärle

This I like! A semi-Disney hero from an Italian artist or duo going by the name of Franze & Andärle. I haven't been able to trace any further details - except a pretty nondescript yahoo-profile. Mysterious... But I do hope to see more by them.

Lycra fetish

Is there anything hotter than a beautiful man in tight lycra? Yes: a horny, beautiful man in tight lycra! Despite having been found out as a lover of blondes, this sexy cyclist hit my plexus with a vengeance...

Military hardcore

Etienne is just... mmmmmmm