Delicious domination

Fuckable Kurt

There can be only one King of Bottoms. It has to be Kurt Wild. He's addicted to cock, starving for manmeat all the time, and squeals like a pig when he gets it. He's got a sweet, pink pucker that can open very wide, a tight, pale body, a fat little cock, and a handsome higschool sweetheart face - you just wanna fuck him and fuck him again...

Hot men bulging

Whose briefs would you like to pull down...?

Wet Kaleb

My one absolute favorite bottom has to be Kurt Wild. Pale, lean, noisy, with a sweet pink hole as needy as hell. There's nothing like seeing him get fucked by a big, tan guy. But he's got some serious competition from hot Kaleb Scott, who has similar looks, but who's preferences seem to be a little more kinky. Kaleb loves cock as much as Kurt does, but better still he likes two at the same time. Yeah guys, stretch that hole... (Click the image for a screencap sequence; click the PictureDumper file to get the full size)

But better still, Kaleb is very, VERY thirsty for piss, and at the center of one of the hottest golden shower scenes I've ever come across (again, screencap sequence behind the pic...