In a cocksucking mood...

...did you notice?

Pretty model

Sexy underwear boy to drool over... He's called Jared.

Sucking beauty

Wet caps

Some from the screencap archive. I'm afraid I don't remember the titles of these movies, but hope these are enjoyable enough on their own...


Yes, some boys don't even need to drop their pants to get you going... (the last one is a cute Belgian boy I saw on Lubeyourtube, you may catch him on cam there).

OK, I'm back...

Sorry, my horny friends. These have been insanely busy weeks and I just didn't get round to updating my little pornographic corner of the universe here at Pencilmen. Hell, I barely got round to shooting my cum, so you can imagine how loaded I am now... Here's a few nice ones to catch up.