...and nobody told me! Not since the days when the Bartok twins shoved their throbbing cocks up each others holes has anything like this been seen. The hot bodied Peters twins play around with Trevor Yates's massive blond dick, and then before you know it they are sucking each other and eventually even eating their brother's cum. Porn doesn't get any hotter. One can only hope that with such competion around the Lautrec brothers too are soon forced to have a taste of brotherly meat (and ass, and cum...)

Chocolate and cream

There's just not enough black cock on Pencilmen. Don't know why, I love those horny dark fuckers... So here's something to make up for the neglect.

Interracial cocksucking

Stretching a twinkhole

No twink has a hungrier hole than Ashley; the horny little bottom is just begging to get it stretched ever wider. He gets just what he wants in this sequence of screencaps, where three muscular thugs give him the ride of his dreams on a megadildo - just look at that red, raw pucker after they take it out. One of the musclemen is Mukhtar, with his insane, pumped up monster cock. I guess Ashley's elastic hole is just about the only one where he can get a proper fuck... (the screencap sequence exceeds the max imagesize for this blog, so if you want the fullsize 2800x2496 version, just e-mail me).

Pencilmen fan cocks

Well, if you're hanging around this site you have to be a horny lot, but after a week's wait I've also found out you Pencilmen frequenters are a timid lot. Just three visitors responded to my invitation, so Wade, GQ and Luckstroke, thanks for getting into the spirit of things, and what a trio of hot cocks (in fact, Luckstroke, if you're anywhere near here anytime, please come round and fuck me...)!

The rest of you, if this gets you inspired, my invitation still stands.

An invitation - show us your cock!

Pencilmen has been around for almost two years. Pageviews topped one million months ago, and more than 600,000 unique visitors checked out these pages by now. Sometimes I think of all you horny guys, sitting there at your PC, dick in hand, and I get really curious. So how's this: send me a pic of your cock (and more if you like) while you're looking at this site (would be great if the site is in the pic), and I'll dedicate one or more posts to you all, so we can get to know each other a little better. C'mon, don't be shy! Here's how I look when I'm updating these pages...

Dream fucker

I promised you this series over a year ago, so here it is. As a sex-crazed pornpig I can safely say I've seen my share of hot hunks, but this man remains an absolute favourite. I love the slightly satanic good looks, the big nipples, that hot sack of balls. I've only ever seen him identified as 'TJ', and as far as I've been able to find out this photoshoot is all there is of him, pornwise. If you know more than me, please let me know, I'm dying to see that hot butt fucked and that horny face covered in cum...!