My question about good cam-sites was answered almost before I asked it. This one is really great. You can watch tens of hot exhibitionists without registering or without having to ask permission to access a cam. So I can even jerk of to a hot str8 cutie like this...

Places to go

To finish off for today, a tasty little collection of fuckable, lickable boycunt...


About time for another one from my own portfolio. This is one of my first tries in 2D CGI. It was made in Xara X. Though it is not in the style I'm looking for, I still rather like it in a way. Hope you do too...


It's been a quiet week for Pencilmen. I made a trip to Russia so had no time to post. To make it up to you I brought this hot hunk, whom I found in a hotel magazine. He's better than most real Russian men I saw, though I came across one Sergei, tall, hard-faced, hairy, who could have fucked me as long and as hard as he would have liked... Now I'm horny as hell and jerking hard. I've been looking for some good cam action, but gay sites that offer good c2c opportunities are pretty rare; if anyone has a suggestion, let me know.

Very sexy trio

The guy in the middle is just too hot for words.

More Justin works

Time for some more of my own work, this again from my CGI/3D era. I'm not too sure that we are actually visited by aliens, but given their obsession with anal probing I rather wish we were... In the salesmen returning visitors may recognize my digital crush who appeared also in some earlier posts.


Thanks to Mr. Mojo, I located him. The most gorgeous man in gay porn. Here's where he comes from. And I've finally seen him in action! Drool. Drip. Yum.

The name game

Dear fellow wankers, please help me out here. These are a couple of pics of the guy I would probably single out as the hottest of them all, and all I know is he's called Matthew. I've been unable to find any video's, and trust me, when I see that face, that bod, that hungry ass, I really, really need them! So if you happen to know more about him or you know where vids are to be had, please fill me in!

Great tool

The bigger the better!

Jeff Palmer

Talking of that hot man, isn't he just to die for? Such finely chiselled, elegant features, and such a brutal piece of cock; not to mention an insatiable ass.

Disney heroes sexed up

Our good friends at the Pretty Boys' Club posted these very hot redrawings of some favourite male Disney heroes. They were done by obviously very talented David Kawena, and look to me like the perfect cast for a very steamy hardcore movie.The sexual potential of Disney's men seemed obvious to me even before one of them grew nips (Tarzan... OK, I'll admit I did a very little bit of work on him).


Two unfinished works from my pencil-and-paper period.

Today's j/o material

I'm doing the linework for my dad/son drawing (see earlier post), which is a bit tedious. So I took a little break to do some stroking, and almost blew my load watching this terrifically hot scene from a video called Sleaze 2, with filthy handsome Jeff Palmer. This is the scenario: Two guardsmen on their rounds find a boy asleep, and from the fact that his pants have no seat it is clear what he has been up to. One of the guards wakes him up by plugging his baton right in the boy's hole. Then they take turns fucking him while the other gets sucked. Bareback fucking, hairy crotches, and pretty serious ramming, balls slapping against ass: all very cock-stiffening. The boy is enjoying himself and making a lot of noise. Eventually he gets double-plugged by the two guardsmen's cocks together. One of the guards cums in the boy's mouth, the other jacks off and then shoves his creamy pole back into the hot boyhole. While he's doing that there's an incredibly hot moment when his buddy dribbles a thick wad of spit into the boy's mouth. When they're done, they leave; the boy rolls over and jacks off with his legs pulled up so we get a good view of his throbbing ass. His body convulses when he cums.

Yaoi - "Gekidan" by Hibakichi

Stylish Japanese gay hardcore. I like the real sense of action and movement in these drawings.