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Fucking face

A juicy sequence from a gangbang. This guy gets rammed in the mouth so deep it makes him gag, by three studs successively; all three dump their hot load deep in his throat, the lucky bastard is almost drowning in cum - and of course, all the time he gets fucked in the ass too by another hot man.

Satyr - Pornstar gangbang #2 with Kyle Foxx

My latest crush...

His name is Matt Hughes, but you can just call him Huge. Good-looking kid in a hooligan kind of way, hot chest with suckable tits and a nice fuzz of hair, shapely, well-haired legs - uhm, did I forget to mention one tiny asset, a 12" piece of uncut fuckmeat that takes your breath away just to look at it. Not to mention having it stuffed up your throat. Or your ass. Rumor has it Matt has now moved into straight porn - those lucky girls! But he's been fucking just a bit too much boycunt to believe he wasn't enjoying it... just check out that lewd smile. Matt's definitely my gay porn hero of the day!