Self feeder

This one got my balls aching today. After he has been riding his buddy's cock for a while, this handsome bottom folds himself up, furry ass in the air, and while his friend pounds on the bitch takes a good taste of his own cock and cum. Then he gets his hairy hole sprayed with another hot load. Click the pic for screencaps.

Raw Entry Club - Bareback Academy #2

Pucker parade

How do you like your mancunt? Hairy or shaved? Pink or dark? Soft and elastic or a hard knot of muscle? Loose or tight? Dry or sweaty? Smooth funnel or wrinkled folds? Young and fresh or mature and well-used? Dot or slit? Gaping, or begging to be opened up? I hope there's something for every cock in this collection...

Justin's fuckhole

Group fun


Wow! In my book of horniness, few things beat double penetration. Watch pretty boy Nicolas (sexy hairy legs, too!) take two... just click the image (remember to click the screencap sequence in the Picturedumper window that will open, it will give you the full-size image).

Sean Cody - Double stuffed - Nicolas DP'ed by Cooper and Reid

Jonah takes it

You regulars here know that Justin prefers it filthy and rough. But occasionally I come across a straighforward man on man fuckscene that is just so fucking beautiful I can't stop watching it. Like this one, featuring another maddeningly pretty blond boy, Jonah. Jonah is str8, he says (duh!), but doesn't mind spreading his handsome legs wide for dark-haired Gabe. Gabe is bi-curious and has never eaten a man's ass before, he says, which we are happy to believe until we see him at it. But well, with an ass like that in front of you, who can blame him!

Gabe fucks Jonah - Sean Cody


Amazing! And now I want to suck on that furry hole...


Anthony Shaw

I just blew a big load watching this incredible man in action. Killer looks!

Below is a series of screencaps - just click the pic. Note how expressive that handsome face is - you can almost feel that cock going in simply by watching him grimace. (FYI, the intense look in the first cap is explained by the fact that at that point he's got TWO cocks inside him...!)

Pacific Sun - Way below the belt