Gang bang art

A mouthwatering inspiration by Anos Nemos.

Bradly shows off his hole

My crush seriously deepened when I came across these...

Chris Evans

So how about a nice non-porn actor for once? Wouldn't you just love to go down that treasure trail...

Horny marines

One from my own archives again, actually one of my oldest drawings; very Querelle-inspired.

Another favorite thing (repost)

Back to the action... One item's missing from my list of hottest turn-ons: dad-son or brother-brother sex. I doubt there is much, if anything, legal around showing real dads doing their sons (or vice versa!), but fortunately that blank has been brilliantly filled in by Josman.

OK, just admit you liked that. There's more over here.

Some brother-on-brother sex is available, though there doesn't seem to be much of it. The 1983 classic Brotherload was a hit, but Paul and Bobby Madison weren't actually brothers. In the area of twin sex, however, some very hot stuff is to be had. The best of all is Double Czech, featuring Jirka and Karel Bartok: real identical twins going all the way together. First they watch each other being given a good ride by a group of hunky men they meet in the woods. And finally, alone together, a foot-massage evolves into toe-sucking, cocksucking, rimming and eventually ends with a thorough fuck. They both cum, and then they just go on and fuck again!

A few of my favorite things...

Many things turn me on, and there are days when it takes just about nothing to get me hard. But then there are a few things that send these scorching hot lightning flashes through my underbelly and truly drive me mad with lust. I'll tell you what they are...

1. Shapely, hairy legs.
Ooh, yeah. And the great thing is, as soon as summer comes and men slip into shorts you can encounter them anywhere. Yesterday lunch I got such a hot flash, when one of the sports teachers stood bending over right in front of me to get something from the vending machine: bulging blond thighs and calves - and a round, hard muscular ass almost bursting from his pants!

2. Boys cumming in their own mouth
Selfsuckers are of course the envy of the male population in general. If I could do it, you wouldn't see me outside the house... But better still than a boy bent double and licking and sucking his own dick - better still is the sight of him dropping a thick load of cum into his own mouth and on his face.

3. Really serious slave abuse
A lot of BDSM is just so tame. But seeing a tied up, cute slaveboy getting seriously used and abused by a ruthless top (or two), now THAT gets the precum running. I still haven't found anything to better Straighthell in this regard. Here's little Mikhail forced to taste cock.

4. Cock, ball and ass shaving
One guy trimming another guy's pubes and shaving his ass until its shiny and smooth. That is hot! Not much good video of this kind tó be had, but fortunately this is fun that you can easy have at home. In fact, my buddy for the night trimmed my pubes into a clean tight pussy and treasure trail just last night. You can see the result below.

Yep, you knew that already. These screencaps are taken from an incredibly hot Titan video called Manplay Xtreme, which has some of the hardest, toughest action in it I've ever seen.

6. Double penetration
Not one, but two throbbing cocks up your ass. What a feeling! These shots are taken from Raw Edge (RAW) and Bareback Hotel (SEVP), where the bottom boys take the enthusiastic double plugging with astonishing ease...

Straight detour

No, don't worry, I didn't change my religion! I was only thinking that often I find straight hardcore photography in a way better than gay. Of course the guys turn me on, and the fact that you're supposed to look at the women rather than the men only makes it more horny. Very cute too, many of these male straight porn models - less predictably clone- or twinklike, more like dishy soap stars or highschool sweethearts. But it's also the quality of the photography itself, like in these Suze Randall specimens. Well set up, well-posed, colourful, and razorsharp. You can almost smell the crotches and pull the pubic hair.

So I was thinking, why isn't there gay porn like that? And guess what, there is! As it turns out Private, who have been doing some excellent gay hardcore movies full of hairy-legged, hunky Czechs, are publishing a gay porn mnagazine that comes close to the standards set in their straight magazines. Here are a few samples:

If you like what you see, and want a little more, get it here...