Forced to cum

For really scorching gay BDSM look no further than this. I just love that site. No lame role-playing, no bottoms with raging hard-ons and no careful fake whippings - these guys get thoroughly maltreated - I've seen butts slapped in these videos until purple welts appeared and the boy begged for mercy with tears running down his face. The repertoire is nasty and inventive and ranges from fuckmachines (including a handheld "drilldo") and electro-punishment to forced piss drinking. The bottoms are so obviously in real pain that little interviews are included to make clear that no crimes were committed but that the victim participated of his own choice, for the money. In contrast to most SM, the victims are really, really cute, too. And vicious, bald Adrian, with his pale, hairy musclebody and shiny purple dick is just the ultimate top from hell.

Call me sick, it drives me wild. The caps below are taken from a terrific scene where two bottom boys are put in a 'glory-hole box' and forced to jerk and suck the cock of a third victim; if they refuse, or are lacking in enthusiasm, they get a painful shock from their electric dogcollar. The third guy, the incredibly handsome Matthew, has to get a hard-on as quickly as he can or his beautiful butt (still bruised from an earlier thrashing) gets poked with an electric prodder. After a while he manages pretty well and shoots no less than seven ropes of hot cum in his buddies' faces...

Straighthell - Darren, Nick & Matthew

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